Why Open-Source Development?

  1. Open-Source allows for peers to review the work being done and through an approval process, enhance the software. The Software is alive and growing not stagnant.
  2. Open-Source is reliable because is it constantly being updated and tested.
  3. Open-Source is flexible because it is constantly being reviewed by a developer community and adapted.
  4. Open-Source cost significantly lower because you can leverage existing code and ServingLynk will ensure security strength and interoperability.
  5. Open-Source means no vendor lock in. You can take your code anywhere.


Why ServingLynk for Open-Source Development?

ServingLynk has worked with Open-Source software and developed open-source software for the past 7 years. We have built and supported open-source software. With ServingLynk as your open-source development company we can take collaboratively built software, strengthen its’ security, add features and make it enterprise ready and scalable, equipping you for success. 

Here’s an example of the power of an Open-Source platform we’re supporting – HSLynk (a non-profit partner).

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