ServingLynk HMIS

HMIS platforms are expensive, closed source and do not work well with other systems. ServingLynk in partnership with HSLynk has developed a low cost HMIS that works well with other systems and has the flexibility and power communities are looking for.

  • We have APIs for each Data Standard version, from 2014 up through 2020. 2005 and 2010 are possible in the future, for full coverage
  • Each Data Standard is stored separately, in its original format, not migrated forward with each HUD HMIS Data Standard change, preserving the archival integrity and intent of the original data *as it was really collected*
  • Reporting with tools like Tableau, Power BI, etc., all data are one-way synced into a read-only Big Data Warehouse
  • Searchable default Big Data Warehouse field list
  • We support both HMIS household enrollment and "global" household enrollment


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