Linking Community Needs With The Right Resources
Through Custom Human Services Software Development

Introduction to ServingLynk

Since 2010 ServingLynk has been building human services software solutions for churches, charities, and non-profits. We have partnered with dozens of businesses to resolve their resource matching, resource distribution, data warehouse, community data exchange, and HMIS challenges. Our experienced development team have worked on complex, full-stack, mobile web and enterprise custom software development projects that drive innovative and lasting solutions in the Human Services Sector. With ServingLynk you get a team that is US based, with expertise in both closed source and open-source development. We listen to your issues and offer the best option resolution thru: - Building to your requirements not to a dedicated system - Meeting fast timelines - Connecting your current systems into a cohesive platform - Allowing you to control the process - Engage our team for one project or for a few years

What is Custom Human Services Software Development?

The challenges to serve the community needs is overwhelming and there are 100’s of software solutions resolve them. So many that it is confusing. Most focus on a specialized task or drive you to a platform that does not match your current platform. We offer you the opportunity to build a custom solution to address human services challenges in a wholistic manner.
Unlike the standard adopt what we have software approach, you are in the driver's seat, and we act as advisers or tour guides so to speak to help you reach your destination. Custom Human Services development leads to a targeted solution, scalable platform, improved reliability and is much more cost effective than packaged solutions.

Software Solutions ServingLynk Offers

Back-End and Front-End Development Services

Your Human Services software requires bullet proof Front-ends systems as well as industrialstrength backend systems or you place your system at risk. ServingLynk can deliver software that is robust, consistent and reliable. Whether is simply accessing data for reporting or checking in a client, you will have the power to do the task.

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Open-Source Development Expertise

Open-source software creates a safe community to create the best solutions for your human services needs. In collaboration with our non-profit partner HSLynk, we create securely accessible open-source software allows the best solutions to be developed and accessed to all in your human services community.

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Community Data Exchange / Software Unification

ServingLynk is the only company that has created an Open-Source Community Data Exchange or more commonly know as a Community Information Exchange. Our systems enable software unification and safe secure spaces for communities to exchange data and take a wholistic approach to client services.

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Data Warehouse/Data Sharing

ServingLynk started as a data warehouse provider and facilitor of data sharing. We have years of experience in developing custom data warehouses and data sharing plans

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HMIS (Homeless Management Information Systems)

ServingLynk in partnership with HSLynk, offers a low-cost flexible, high powered HMIS.

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